Prepare Your Property to Sell

First impressions are important to Buyers, whether they are viewing your property in person or online. We have compiled a Top 10 list of staging suggestions, per room, for Sellers to follow prior to our marketing photo session and presenting your home to Buyers..

When we create Matterport 3D tours, it is important to understand that, unlike still photography, a 3D visual tour cannot be edited, retouched or modified via filters. It is not possible to edit out unwanted items such as power cords, personal items or even dust bunnies!

Therefore, preparing your home in advance of tours and photography appointments is a prerequisite for success.

Are you an out-of-town owner, or just do not have time to prepare your home to sell? We are happy to prepare your home in advance for hourly staging and cleaning fees, when location and schedule permit. Contact us to discuss.

General Areas Checklist

  1. Turn on all lamps & overhead lighting
  2. Replace all missing or broken bulbs 
  3. Raise blinds & fully open curtains
  4. Tidy power cords & arrange out of site (lamps, computers, etc)
  5. Turn off televisions & monitors
  6. Stop all ceiling fans
  7. Clean floors, windows & dust
  8. Conceal shoes, outerwear & gear
  9. Contain pets in an area which will not be photographed
  10. Remove pet bowls, crates, litter box

Living & Dining Areas Checklist


  1. Remove seasonal decor, if possible
  2. Minimize small accessories
  3. Remove personal table-top photos
  4. Clear surfaces (dining table, coffee and end tables) to reduce visual distractions
  5. Push in dining chairs consistently
  6. Align bar stools, if applicable
  7. Remove trash cans from sight
  8. Remove excess throw blankets
  9. Conceal remote controls, devices
  10. Conceal / tidy magazines & books

Bedroom Checklist

  1. Make all beds
  2. Conceal "under bed" items
  3. Clear personal items from nightstands
  4. Remove trash cans from sight
  5. Remove shoes from sight
  6. Close all closet doors
  7. Remove personal table-top photos
  8. Remove laundry from sight
  9. Straighten wall art
  10. Conceal medicines & medical devices

Bathroom Checklist

  1. Remove toiletries from shower & bath
  2. Remove all items from countertops
  3. Close toilet lids
  4. Remove all floor mats & toilet covers
  5. Position trash can out of sight
  6. Remove toilet brushes, cleaners and plungers from sight
  7. Stage with white towels if possible, hang towels consistently, or remove towels altogether.
  8. Open shower curtains
  9. Clean all mirrors & faucets
  10. Conceal hairdryers & accessories

Kitchen Checklist

  1. Remove all dishes from sink
  2. Remove all small appliances from countertops; ok to leave 1-2 small appliances for size perception
  3. Conceal dish towels, oven mitts
  4. Remove magnets & items from refrigerator doors
  5. Remove all floor mats
  6. Place trash can out of sight
  7. Remove dishes, glassware, excessive clutter from all counters
  8. Clean all faucets & appliances to remove spots, streaks & debris
  9. Remove personal photos & accessories from open shelves.
  10. Tidy power cords, as applicable

Exterior Spaces Checklist


  1. Move cars, bikes, toys away from sightline, while inside home, and when approaching the home
  2. Conceal trash cans, hoses, yard tools
  3. Tidy planters & add fresh annuals, or conceal planters
  4. Place cushions on outdoor seating. If worn or stained, remove completely.
  5. Tidy, arrange and/or reduce patio furniture placement. If worn or damaged, remove from sight.
  6. Sweep patio & sidewalk areas 
  7. Remove dust & cobwebs from lights
  8. Clean steaks from glass surfaces
  9. Conceal pet & children's small toys
  10. Conceal coolers, outdoor gear